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At HRsource we’re committed to giving UAE Nationals the opportunity to shine and play an integral part in the growth of their country. That is why we support the Government of the UAE in their drive to developing Emirati talent in both the public and private sectors.

A Fabulous Pool of Talent

No matter what sector you operate in, we have access to a fantastic pool of Emirati talent that can benefit your business and help you move forward. Our UAE Nationals are multi-skilled experts in their field, whether you’re looking for financial experts, legal and IT professionals, or oil industry specialists.

Our UAE Nationals also have that added advantage of an in-depth knowledge of the working environment in Dubai. They are often multi-lingual, making them particularly valuable to international operations based in the UAE. They’re already residents, so there’s no worry about visas or work permits.

Supporting UAE Nationals

Our dedicated team actively supports UAE Nationals in their goal to further their careers and contribute to the UAE business arena. We are also here to assist public and private sector organisations that need these skill sets to grow their businesses.

Looking for a UAE National to represent your company abroad? We can help. Our experts have contacts in almost every sector, and are familiar with the specific challenges each industry in the UAE faces. We tailor our matches to fit your exact needs, saving you not just money, but time too.

If you’re looking for UAE Nationals to work with you, simply fill in the form below. If you’re a UAE National looking for your next move, browse our vacancies to find that perfect fit for you and your skills. No matter what your circumstances are, we can be your contact point for the next big move in your career, or help expand your business to the next level.

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