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Interview tips

When mum told you to always wear a fresh pair of socks and comb your hair, she wasn’t far off the mark. While we’re not going to tell you what to wear (although dressing appropriately for your industry is a sure fire winner) we can offer you these words of wisdom, to get you through the interview process unscathed and ready to receive that job offer.

  • Research your subject Even before you apply for the job, you should know all there is to know about the business you’re looking to join, it’s products and services, customers, competing brands and corporate culture. That thing called the world wide web…it’s very useful for such matters.
  • Dress to kill – This really all depends on the industry you’re in but looking sharp and ready for business is a great way to impress before you’ve even opened your mouth. Creatives…be creative. Suits…be suitably suited. Most importantly be confident in what you’re wearing and it will show.
  • Prepare for everything – While we don’t advocate being over-zealous and carrying too much baggage into an interview, we would recommend you take extra copies of your CV and references plus a note book and pen to take notes, where you can scribble your questions for the end.
  • Don’t be late – As if we have to tell you this. If you’ve arrived late, walk straight out the door and forget it. It’s unlikely you’ve created a good first impression so just make sure you arrive in the area at least 10-15 minutes before your interview time.
  • Be enthusiastic Make sure handshakes are firm and you appear cool and collected for the interview. Make full eye contact and speak confidently even if you don’t feel like it!
  • Listen carefully – When you’re nervous in an interview it’s often difficult to fully listen and take it all in. Do your best to understand and answer the questions you’re being asked.
  • Talk about your successes – Prepare a few of your success stories beforehand in case you’re asked for specific examples of when you feel you have achieved. It’s good to give these personal stories that highlight your uniqueness.
  • Follow up – An email to follow up after the interview, just reinforces that lasting impression you’re aiming to leave. It’s the last chance to market yourself and your positive traits.

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