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New Year, New Job?


Are you looking for a career change in the New Year? HRSource can help, with our expert advice on finding the right job for you. As you welcome in 2017 and look back over the achievements attained, or missed, over the last year, you may well be setting targets for the next twelve months. However, finding a new job isn’t as simple as making a New Year’s resolution. You need to plan, research and prepare, to ensure that, when you are ready to face the recruiting world, you are showing the very best that you have to offer. We take a look at what you can do to make the process as efficient as possible.

Before you start looking for a new role

Be active. There is little point waking up every morning vowing that today is the day that you will look for jobs in the UAE and take the first steps towards your new life. The more active you are, the more impetus you will give yourself to keep moving forward with the venture, no matter how daunting it may seem. Whenever you have a spare few minutes: on your commute to work, in your lunch hour, after work, research the jobs available in the UAE and the relevant qualifications and skills required. Then spend some time updating your resume and work documents to show that you possess those skills.

Reflect on your skills. During this initial period of research, take time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. This can be tough, but be honest with yourself; if you have a good idea of your unique skill-set, you will have a better chance of being successful when you apply for jobs.

Be prepared. When applying for a job, don’t just think about your resume; make sure that your LinkedIn and other social media profiles are honed to reflect your employability in the industry you want.  If you are interested in different roles and industries, prepare a few different resumes that are tailored to meet the needs of each industry, to save you time when the right job does come up.

Network. Cultivate your contacts, both face-to-face and on social media platforms. If you develop good links early on, when you are ready to put yourself out there, your name and talents will already be familiar to the right people. In the UAE in particular, networking is an important part of career progression, so don’t be afraid to make links and introduce yourself to potential employers if the appropriate opportunity arises.

When you begin your search

Create a plan. When you are ready to start actively looking for a new job, manage your time so that you can search effectively. Set aside some time each day to look for new roles as they are advertised. To stay up to date and for the best chance of finding roles as they come up, contact a reliable recruitment agency; set up a meeting to discuss your prospects or send them your resume.

Be selective. It is important that you only apply for jobs that you really want.  HRSource can help you to find roles that suit your career goals and that are suited to you, but it is important that you are honest about what you do, and don’t want to do, in order to make your job search effective and successful.

Be honest. Of course, everyone wants their resume to stand out and most people massage their skills in order to gain attention. However, it is crucial that you are honest. There is no point telling your recruitment consultant or prospective employers that you are fluent in Arabic, French, or Mandarin, if you possess only basic conversational skills; it is sure to come out at some point, and will affect your credibility in future applications.

Be positive. Positivity is important when it comes to looking for a career change. At HRSource, we are proud of matching people to the right job in the United Arab Emirates. This can sometimes take time, but we make sure that each candidate is matched for the role, and that each role provides our applicants with countless opportunities for the future.

By being prepared, honest, and confident, you can make your search for a new job in the UAE a successful one, helping you to achieve and even exceed your ambitions for the New Year.

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