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Top Reasons to Work in the UAE


Professional Development

Industry in the UAE is growing fast; Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and is, therefore, a prime spot for people within the industry who want to be at the hub of oil production and technology. However, with a population of 920,000 people and limited capacity for growth, Abu Dhabi can be very busy and travelling around the city can be stressful during peak times. Dubai, on the other hand, was designed for growth. Its primary industries are now finance, industry, IT and tourism. Due to the flexibility of the city and its capacity to expand, its 2.1 million residents can enjoy more space and luxury while they rub shoulders with some of the most influential people in their industry.

From a professional viewpoint, moving to the UAE could be the best move that you can make. Aside from the kudos that working in the UAE adds to your resume, there are plentiful opportunities to develop your skills and further your career. Add to that the potential to meet influential people from within your industry, and working in the UAE could transform your job opportunities, now and in the future.

Climate and location

Forget trudging to work in dull, grey, drizzle, or sitting or standing on a cramped tube, squashed up against rain-soaked strangers. In the UAE, the weather is pretty much always good. With lowest temperatures of about 20 degrees, warm sea and stunning beaches, working in the UAE is the place to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

You are unlikely ever to be bored of the myriad delights on offer in the UAE on your days off, but if you need a weekend break or a longer holiday, it is perfectly situated to let you explore the world. In under five hours you can reach Kenya, Lebanon, Bangkok, Phuket, the Seychelles or Egypt: the world is your oyster.

The Lifestyle

The majority of people living and working in Dubai today are non-citizens, offering people who choose to work in the UAE an enriching combination of cultures from across the globe. This melting pot of cultures results in an environment that is friendly and welcoming, without losing the Arabic charm and opulence that one might expect from the UAE’s primary cities. Throughout the UAE you will be greeted with a warm welcome, an insight into a range of cultures, and some of the best food and drink from around the world.

The UAE is a prime tourist location, which means that people who work there have a broad choice of activities to indulge in in their free time. Choose from world-class golf courses, high-end restaurants, or shopping in some of the world’s largest malls. Nevertheless, if you are more adventurous, you can try camel trekking, drive a buggy through the desert, or take to the indoor ski slopes. The opportunities are virtually endless, for ambitious singles and adventurous families alike.


Aside from the undeniable professional and personal benefits of moving to the UAE to work, it is financially viable too. Expats working in the UAE aren’t expected to pay income tax and can expect to earn a salary that is similar to, or better than, their salaries in their home countries. This means that people moving to the UAE to work are able to save and enjoy the many luxuries on offer in this beautiful country.

Citizens of the United states could qualify for an income tax exclusion for foreign earned income, which can exclude around $80,000 of your income. What’s more, the law has changed recently, meaning that foreigners are now allowed to purchase their own property in the UAE. This allows instant resident status and is a viable way to reinvest money, as property prices in the UAE continue to rise.

If you want to further your career, improve quality of life and save money, consider making a move to the United Arab Emirates. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter  to for fantastic opportunities.