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We like to write just as much as we love to talk! Our blog gives us the opportunity to talk about what’s happening in the industry, focus on new and interesting research, and give you the lowdown on the general goings on in HR and recruitment.

We’ll give you titbits of information that could make your move to Dubai that much easier. Want to find out what life is like living in the UAE? Read our blogs on how to manage your work/life balance, or the best way to make the move from abroad.

Our blog is read by both expatriates and people from all around the globe, drawn by the potential, the energy, and the dynamism of living in Dubai. We’ll keep you updated on the current job markets, what skills employers in Dubai are looking for, and how to apply for that great job in the UAE.

We’ll also give you some advice on what to do on your days off, and how to make the move to Dubai that much easier and stress-free.

So sit back, grab a coffee, and browse our blog for some of our thoughts; sometimes it can be random, at other times it can be informative, but it’s always a good read…

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